Why buy leather?

Durable - Leather outlasts almost any other type of clothing, especially under heavy use.  All Taylor's Leatherwear police garments are guaranteed for FIVE YEARS.  A warranty that's longer than the life of most nylon outerwear.

Water Resistant - Our tests show that Taylor's Leatherwear Jackets will repel water for up to 2 hours before becoming saturated.

Fire Resistant - Leather will resist burning, which provides critical protection in case of explosion, vehicle accident, or other emergency.

Abrasion Resistant - Tests by the U.S. Department of Transportation National Safety Administration involving motorcycle falls have shown leather to be more abrasion resistant than any other known clothing material, including Kevlar.  The random nature of leather fibers gives them an inherent strength that can not be reproduced in a laboratory.  (Study available upon request.)

Windproof - Leather pores contract in cold wind, providing an effective barrier to inclement weather while holding in body heat.

Breathable - Thanks to its natural pores, leather remains supple and strong throughout its service life.

Cost Effective - Over the life of a garment, virtually no other material offers the cost efficiency of leather.  Assuming a conservative 10 year life at $350-$400 per jacket, the annual cost of $35-$40 per year is far below that of any synthetic or plastic alternative. 

Professional - Leather jackets promote a professional and authoritative image.  The NYPD has documented a reduction in attacks on officers wearing leather over those wearing cloth. 

About our Leather

Our Leathers are sourced from the finest tanneries worldwide.  Europe, Asia,  South America, and the USA.

We primarily use three leathers in our garments: cowhide, goatskin, and sheepskin.

All of our leathers are drum-dyed and fully finished.  They are also water resistant.

Cowhide: Supple yet extremely durable.  Full-finish, drum dyed, available in two weights.  2 1/2 - 3 ounce and 2 - 2 1/2 ounce.  The heavier the leather the thicker and tougher the leather.

Goatskin: Very soft, very durable, originally developed for military flyer's jackets.  Comes in a variety of finishes: full finish, semi aniline, naked, water repellent, antiqued, or distressed.

Sheepskin: Very soft, used mostly in fashion jackets.  This leather is the least durable, however probably has the best "feel" of all of our leathers.  The softness comes at the expense of the tensile strength.  Finishes can be dull, shiny, semi-dull, etc.

Colors: Basic colors are black, dark blue, USAF brown, and USN Brown.

Custom colors: We can match virtually and color (minimums apply).

We line our jackets with 3M Thinsulate Liner.  Learn more about this product here

Leather vs. Nylon

Leather jackets with 3M Thinsulate liners:

-resistant to sharp objects, sparks, fire, blunt trauma, water, wind, oil, and blood

-can be repaired, reconditioned, redyed, and reissued or sold.  It is not unusual to see leather jackets still in use that are 20, 30, and 40 year old!

-leather jackets with Thinsulate insulation are 30% warmer than nylon jackets with thermolite and gore-tex barriers

-Taylor's Leatherwear uses 2 1/2 to 3 ounce drum-dyed cowhide and 2 ounce glove tanned goatskin.  The cowhide tanning process makes the leather water-resistant (less maintenance).  The goat is tanned to military standards.

-the linings, heavy nylon (wearnyl) pocketing, and brass anodized zippers are much more durable than those used in nylon jackets

-leather jackets are made one at a time.  Special sizes and styles do not take any longer to make.

-leather is strongly recommended for motorcycle, K-9, and mounted officers because of the extra protection it provides

-leather jackets are used by law enforcement agencies in every environment, warm, cold, rich, poor, city, suburban, and rural communities and in every kind of patrol and detail, including correctional

While leather may appear expensive, its very long lifespan gives you the best value when amortized over time.

Nylon Jackets w/waterproof and/or insulated liners:

-resistant to wind and water but not to sparks, fire, sharp objects, or blunt trauma

-cannot be repaired and maintain warranty, in most cases a 3-5 year wear expectancy

-comparable thermal insulation is not as warm

-oil cannot be cleaned off

-constructed with 3 ounce, 2 ply Taslan nylon or 5 ounce heavy-weight Taslan, no federal standards

-less durable pocketing, molded nylon zippers, and lighter weight permanent linings

-nylon jackets are made in large quantities and specials traditionally take a long time

-goretex is a PFTE membrane, it does not have any strength by itself and it laminated to a polyester fabric which comprises the permanent interior lining--the outer shell soaks up liquid and although it does not penetrate the PFTE membrane, some of the liquid (clean or dirty) stays inside the jacket

-not recommended for motorcycle, K-9, or mounted officers--offers little protection in a fall or other rough wear

While nylon may appear to be a cheaper alternative to leather, its short lifespan dictates much more frequent replacement.