Taylor's Leatherwear is a family owned and operated private company, specializing in providing leather outerwear for thepolice, military, and aviation industries.  Many of our employees have been with us for more than 20 years and collectively we have been designing, servicing, and manufacturing leather police jackets for over 50 years.

Each Taylor's Leatherwear jacket is cut and sewn by hand, piece by piece, from the finest quality top grain cowhide available.  Tough, but soft, our leather is tanned using only environmentally friendly methods in an ISO certified facility.

We no longer manufacture our garments in the United States.  Our original factory now serves as a distribution and service center, where we recieve, inspect, and carefully customize the finest leather jackets ever made from our patterns.   All jackets include our 5 year warranty-- we guarantee a quality product that is second to none.

Over the years, we have sewn for numerous city, county, and state police agencies--chances are, if you see a police officer on the street with a leather jacket, it's one of ours.  Our leathers have been worn by actors in many movies and television shows--from Hill Street Blues to Gotham, by music industry professionals, professional football players, and by some of the largest corporations in the country.  Currently, we supply jackets for virtually every major police department in the United States, and many commercial and private airlines.

An Introduction

Taylor's Leatherwear (originally Appalachian Tanning and Soesbe & Potter Leather Company) was founded in the small town of Tullahoma, Tennessee in 1943, where it still remains today.

In 1966, a man known as "Red" Taylor, a long-time employee, purchased the business.  Mr. Taylor gave it a new name, Taylor's Leatherwear, and a new mission: providing leather outerwear for law enforcement officers.  During the mid to late 1960's, the country was in turmoil with war and protests and Mr. Taylor saw an opportunity in police and military clothing due to the high protection value of his heavyweight cowhide.  The resulting police uniform and military business kept the company busy and successful for the next 11 years until Mr. Taylor decided to sell and retire. 

In 1977, "Red" Taylor sold the business to friend and neighbor, David Patton, who is still the owner today.  David, my father, hit the ground running and the business continued to grow and flourish. He traveled to departments across the country working with police officers to design custom styles and patterns to meet their specific needs, eventually expanding into a full line of police leather jackets, many of which we still carry today. From the "Chicago" to the "N.Y.P.D," these styles have become iconic in the representation of police officers in the United States.  

Taylor's Leatherwear became the maker of leather jackets that most police officers and military personnel in the country wanted to wear, eventually becoming the best selling leather police jackets in the United States.

Thank you for keeping Taylor's Leatherwear alive and well all these years.

A Short History

Our Guarantee

Taylor's Leatherwear warrants to the original owner that the garment will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for five years.  If defective you may return it to us for replacement or repair.

Taylor's will also, however, stand behind our products for the life of your leather jacket.  If it becomes defective, ever, and we feel it should not have, send it back to us and we will repair it at no charge.Taylors leather, taylor’s leatherwear, police uniform, police supply, police store, police shop, police leather jacket manufacturer, Paterson police jacket, nypd leather jacket, nypd jacket, Milwaukee police jacket, leather police jacket, leather police, leather duty jacket, lapd leather jacket, Indianapolis leather jacket, custom police jacket, custom leather police, Chicago leather jacket, police leather jacket

Repairs that are due to normal wear and tear or accident will be fixed, cleaned, refinished, etc. at our standard charges in place at the time of service.

This guarantee is backed by our 40+ year reputation for excellence.

Return authorization must be obtained by contacting our customer service department at 9314553589 or sales@taylorsleatherwear.com.