Accidents do happen, but they don’t have to keep you off the road -- not if you suit up in road armor made with Tuff-n-Lite®, one of the toughest, lightest cut and abrasion resistant materials known to man.  Introducing a new liner system that's as soft as cotton, stronger than steel, more durable than polyester, and light enough to float.  Any Taylor's Leatherwear style can now be lined with our signature Tuff-N-lite® fabric.  Learn about how the combined strength of our leather backed by Tuff-N-lite® can help protect you from cuts, slashes, punctures, and abrasions.  

What is Tuff-N-Lite?

Fabric designed to offer protective qualities, used here to permanently line our leather police jackets.  Motorcycle clothing made with Tuff-n-Lite® is as soft as cotton and ounce for ounce 15 times stronger than steel. It’s lightweight, breathable, flexible and washable – and it looks just like the clothing you would normally wear. Unlike products made with aramids like Kevlar® or Twaron®, it won’t lose its strength from getting wet, perspiration, or from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Is it comfortable?  What does it look like?

Yes!  While it does add a small amount of weight, Taylor's jackets lined with Tuff-N-Lite are extremely comfortable!  Cool to the touch and moisture resistant, the Spectra fiber in the fabric actually moves heat away from your body!  Leather naturally expands and contracts with temperature variations--during hot weather, the pores expand, and during cold weather, the pores contract--this helps to keep out the wind and cold in the winter and lets air flow in the summer.  

Soft and flexible, Tuff-N-Lite fabric, is a jersey knit with a slight stretch.

Do these jackets keep me as warm as your traditional jackets? 

Almost.  Without the 3M Thinsulate quilted liner, they aren't quite as warm--but are still much warmer than a nylon or cotton alternative.

How will Tuff-N-Lite keep me safe?

Cut and slash protection provided allowing you to take control of a potentially dangerous situation while minimizing the risk of personal injury.