Garment Cleaning & Repair

We can make your old garment look new again!

Our recommended professional leather cleaner is Appalachian Leather Cleaners, housed in a state of the art cleaning plant located in Tullahoma, Tennessee.  We know our jackets are always in good hands at Appalachian Leather Cleaners, and we ask that you send all items for cleaning and repair their way--unless its a repair on a Taylor's Leatherwear Brand jacket which we prefer to repair in our own factory.

Call for pricing on repairs and alterations of Taylor's Leatherwear jackets and click below for more information on Appalachian Leather Cleaners.

Appalachian Leather Cleaners

Serving the Mid-South with Quality, State of the Art Leather and Suede Cleaning Service.

615 East Monroe St.

Tullahoma, TN 37388


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