Only existing, authorized distributors may submit purchase orders to Taylor's Leatherwear directly.

Please review each form carefully before submitting to determine whether you are placing a stock order or a semi-custom order, stock jackets do not vary from the catalog listing and have no size alterations.  Alterations, color variations, and short sizes are all semi-custom options which add 15% to the wholesale cost, can take up to 90 DAYS to produce, and ARE NOT RETURNABLE. 

If your shipping or billing address have changed, please include them in the special instructions.


Stock Purchase Order Form

Stock Sizes: S-4X, Regular or Long

Stock Colors: Black Only with two exceptions: (N143 Black or Brown) (455MT Black or Navy)

2x (+10%) 3x (+20%) 4X (+30%)

Please mail emblems to Taylor's Leatherwear and please note that once emblems have been sewn, the jacket is NO LONGER RETURNABLE.

For all other size and color options, please see our Semi-Custom Jacket Order Form to purchase.

Semi-Custom Jacket Order Form

Available Colors: Black, Brown, Navy, and Green

Sizes: Small - 4X, Short (-1.5"), Regular, or Long (+1.5")

2x (+10%) 3x (+20%) 4X (+30%)

Custom Adjustments to Selected Size

Using "Regular" as a standard, the maximum waist adjustment is 5"

Please mail emblems to Taylor's Leatherwear

Semi-Custom Jackets ARE NOT RETURNABLE and add 15% to the distributor's cost.

Please allow up to 90 days for production of semi-custom jackets.