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(Jan 26, 2016) Robert said:

"...As for my Taylor jackets, they were all police jackets.  They are all great jackets and I was very happy with them, but I am not sure I have anything noteworthy to say (other than I wish I had kept a couple of them - I passed some of them on as I changed agencies, got promoted, or outgrew them).  My first jacket was about 1984 when I rode motors and it was very similar to your current Detroit model, but it was made to wear your gun belt over the jacket.  That was a fantastic jacket - possibly my favorite - perfect for motor duty.  But I only rode motors for a couple of years.  My next jacket was a Chicago model (with an added pile collar) - a great jacket, not ideal for working in Florida, but it sure came in handy when the nights got cold enough - I never needed extra layering like my fellow officers wear their nylon jackets.  The best all-around jacket for me (and I have owned a couple of them) is the Nashville - I wore one until 2011 when I retired from my Sheriff's Office in Florida and moved to Texas.  More recently (in Texas) I had a Newark model that I was happy with, but my agency decided to move away from 3/4 length jackets.  Now it is uncertain if anyone, other than motor officers, will be able to wear leather at all.  I work in policy and will be pushing hard for us to keep leather as an option - I hope someone will listen.
Thank you again Rachel - no company has ever given my better customer service than Taylor's and it is appreciated!"


(Nov 11, 2015) David said:

"I am a police Officer for the city of Pittsburgh. While on duty on my cycle I was struck by a SUV on October 29th 2015. While I have some minor pain, scrapes stitches and bruises I wanted to say thank you as I believe your jacket saved me from being more seriously injured. I've had the jacket for 10 years and I couldn't have been any happier with it. I wanted to share some pictures with you so everyone can see what a quality product you make and how it helped me. 

Thank you again"