Factors That Contribute To The Price Of Leather Jackets

When it comes to the cost of leather jackets, one has to consider a number of factors. While leather jackets are generally very popular (and therefore tend to command higher prices especially for high-end attire). The truth of the matter is that a lot of variables are factored in when arriving at the price that you see on your favorite leather jacket at the store. Below are some factors that determine leather jacket prices.

Type of Leather

Not all leather is the same and some command a much higher price than others. For example, lambskin leather is generally priced much higher than other kinds of leather as it is perceived to be of a far higher quality. Even leather that is from the same source can be priced differently depending on the quality of the leather. The thickness and weight of the leather also play a role in how the jacket is priced.

Finishing Material

Leather jackets are rarely made from one single material but may also include lining materials and much more. Depending on what material is used, the price of the jacket may vary from one attire to another. Some of these materials include zippers and other hardware that may be used to fasten the jacket, the quality of the lining inside the jacket, and much more. There are also label tags, spikes, and any other leather accessory materials that are sawn into the jacket.

Leather Processing

For you to end up with the soft and snug leather jacket, manufacturers often have to process the jacket to get it to that state. This means that the leather material undergoes tanning, crusting, and other processes that are designed to make the material ready to use. Different kinds of processing mean that the jackets will cost differently.


When the leather has been sourced and processed, it is ready to be crafted into the jacket that you love. In turn, entails craftsmanship which is priced differently depending on many factors. If it is a custom-made jacket, it is likely to cost a lot more than a ready-to-wear jacket as it is being tailored purposely for one person. Ready-to-wear jackets tend to undergo mass production and thus do not command prices that are as high as customized ones.

Personalization does not necessarily mean that the entire jacket will be customized. A mass-produced jacket may still undergo customization with the addition of logos, labels, and much more. All these costs are then passed on to the consumer and reflect on the price tag of the jacket.


One of the often-overlooked factors when it comes to pricing leather jackets is the effect from middlemen and other people in the supply chain. While your beloved jacket is moving from hide to the lovely attire you see in the shop, it passes through numerous hands, all of which add a margin to the price of your jacket. While market competition has made this process as efficient as possible, it still adds a significant margin to the price that you pay for your jacket.