Why Everyone Should Invest In A Leather Jacket

We, at Taylor's Leatherwear, believe that everyone, at some point in their life, should own a leather jacket. Then again, we may be slightly biased. You can't deny, however, the popularity of leather jackets. Additionally, a number of jobs utilize leather jackets to their advantage. Let's not forget motorcyclists. Above any other type of transportation, motorcycles and leather jackets go hand-in-hand.

Do you have to ride a motorcycle to own or wear a leather jacket? Of course not. Then again, it doesn't hurt. Truth be told, however, leather jackets come in far more than just motorcycle styles. Leather coats are available, leather suit jackets are available, and more. When it comes to leather jackets, there are far more styles available today than those worn by old-school bikers of yesteryear.

Still not convinced that everybody should have a leather jacket at one point or another? Here are some reasons why you, yourself, should absolutely consider purchasing one.

Styles Galore!

As already mentioned, there are a wide variety of styles where leather jackets are concerned. There are modern styles that are new and trendy, your basic bomber jacket style leather jacket – and everything in between. There's a leather jacket with your name on it out there, regardless of your personal style.

A Good Investment

Picture the purchase of your leather jacket as an investment. Granted, you're going to spend more on it than you would a lower quality, cheaper fabric coat. Investments usually do cost a bit of cold hard cash. But compared to those other coats and jackets, you're going to get far more enjoyment out of it, more use, and own your leather jacket longer.

Easy Maintenance

We know people who have never done a single thing to their leather jacket. No conditioning, no saddle soap, no nothing. While that isn't particularly what we recommend, we do want to stress the fact that caring for a leather jacket is exceptionally simple. Particularly if you condition it (every few months should be sufficient), it can be even easier to care for when spills and soiling occur.

Moisture and Dust Resistant

Moisture and dust resistance are, of course, better accomplished with proper conditioning, as mentioned above. While not waterproof, leather isn't likely to be damaged by water in small amounts. Without fear of your jacket being damaged by dust or moisture, you can wear it every day. Its ruggedness is one of its most desirable characteristics.

Durable and Soft

In terms of their durability and softness, the best of both worlds is offered by leather jackets. Ordinarily, a fabric jacket that is considered "soft" is also likely susceptible to tearing, ripping, and other forms of damage. Additionally, if a jacket is classified as durable, it is not usually soft, but rough, instead.

However, you get both durability and softness with a leather jacket. The texture is easy on the skin and smooth. Yet, against many forms of damage, it is strong enough to protect you.

Other Reasons for Owning a Leather Jacket

  • They are available in custom sizes and with numerous other customizations, as well.
  • Leather jackets, depending on the style, cut, etc., can be worn either for casual occasions or as formalwear.
  • For more than a century, they've been around and show no sign of waning where popularity is concerned.
  • Particularly if you ride a motorcycle, injuries can be prevented, or at the very least lessened, by wearing a good-fitting leather jacket.

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At Taylor's Leatherwear, we carry a number of styles of leather jackets. What's more, we have styles for both men and women. Into motorcycle jackets? We've got you covered. Looking for something a little more stylish? We've got that, too. In fact, we have everything from old-school, classic, vintage styles to updated, popular, trendy leather jackets.

Before you shop for a leather jacket anywhere else, check out the inventory at Taylor's Leatherwear. You'll be glad you did.