4 Best Leather Jackets To Wear This Winter

With the winter season in full swing, the importance of a quality jacket that looks good and can keep you warm cannot be understated. Amidst the fleece jackets and fur coats, a strong contender stands out from the rest: the leather jacket. As a durable and insulating material, the use of leather for warmth and comfort is a practice from antiquity. More recently, leathers have been made into stylish jackets that serve both a practical and superficial purpose. In essence, they look good and they feel good. Here are 4 of the best leather jackets you can snatch up this winter. 

The Classic Black 

There’s a reason why black clothes are considered the holy grail of fashion. It’s effortlessly chic and matches basically everything. Naturally, the same logic applies to leather jackets. Black leather jackets are one of the most popular colors you’ll see. Chances are then when you think of a leather jacket, it’s a black motorbike jacket you’re thinking of. This color is perfect for all seasons and guarantees that you will look good whilst keeping the frost away.

As a cherry on top, a classy black leather jacket can be worn for almost any occasion so it’s really giving you the bang for your buck. It doesn’t matter if you’re just heading around the corner to grab a bite from the bodega or about to step into a semi-formal Christmas party, a black leather jacket can accompany you everywhere. It’s fashion and function all wrapped in one.

Brown Never Disappoints

Brown is another classic color that is second to none. While black leather jackets exude a sleek and elegant look, browns steer towards a vintage charm that is far from old-fashioned and dreary. Depart from the norm and make a bold statement with the brown leather jacket. Not only will you look dapper in brown, but the premium goatskin leather will also be able to keep out the cold and unlike black materials, will not absorb heat in the summer. If you’re looking for an all-terrain, all-weather jacket, the brown leather jacket is the way to go.

Pick up our brown leather jacket and watch it age like fine wine as the more you wear it, the more character it gains.

Slimfit Is the Best Fit 

We’ve talked a lot about colors but something else many tend to forget is the fit of the jacket. While loose-fitting bomber jackets are all the rage right now, let us not overlook the slim-fit leather jackets. Designed to outline the clean cut of your silhouette, slim-fit jackets are practical clothes disguised as fashion statements. It hugs close to your body to trap in the warmth whilst also giving your outfit a flattering silhouette. There’s no doubt that the slim-fit leather jacket is a must-have for your winter wardrobe.

Try Long Coats for a Change

Unconventional and mysterious, long leather coats are as intriguing as they are unusual. Made popular by depictions of the Scotland Yard and the Matrix, these iconic garments will be an eye-catching addition to your closet. The added length serves to keep you warmer and will be perfect for the windier seasons!