Leather Jacket Care and Services

We service our products indefinitely--offering repairs, alterations, cleaning, and replacement parts for the life of your jacket.


Our Guarantee

Taylor's Leatherwear warrants to the original owner that its garments will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for five years.  If defective you may return it to us for replacement or repair.

Taylor's will also, however, stand behind our products for the life of your leather jacket.  If it becomes defective, ever, and we feel it should not have, send it back to us and we will repair it at no charge.

Repairs that are due to normal wear and tear or accident will be fixed, cleaned, refinished, etc. at our standard charges in place at the time of service.

This guarantee is backed by our 42 year reputation for excellence.

Leather Jacket Repairs & Alterations

    • Sleeves Replaced $55 each
    • Knit Cuffs Replaced $75
    • Knit Waistband Replaced $50
    • Zip-Out Liner Replaced $100
    • Permanent Liner Replaced $90
    • Zipper Replaced $70
    • Patches sewn on $12 each
    • Sleeves Shortened $50
    • Add Side Zippers $75
    • Add Epaulets $75

    Alterations that CANNOT be made to existing jackets:

    • Chest cannot be made smaller
    • Waist cannot be made larger
    • Body cannot be lengthened or shortened
    • Once sewn on, patches, badge tabs, and name tabs cannot be removed without leaving stitch holes

      Professional Leather Jacket Cleaning & Restoration

      Regular dry-cleaning methods and chemicals will destroy your jacket!
      We outsource our cleaning services to a company specializing in genuine leather garments.  They use an eco friendly process to clean, condition and restore your jacket's finish.  Allow 2-3 weeks for this process.
      • Clean & Refinish $94


        Where do I send my jacket for service?

        Ship your jacket to:
        Taylor's Leatherwear
        Service Dept
        1205 Five Points Road
        Tullahoma, TN 37388

        Include a note with your name, contact info, and a brief description of what service you're requesting (i.e. clean & refinish, replace zipper, etc.)

        We will contact you once your jacket is ready to obtain credit card information for payment (if the repairs are not covered under our guarantee).  Return shipping is not included in service prices.

        How long will my service take?

        Depending on our workload at the time, most services are completed in 1-2 weeks.  Allow 2-3 weeks for multiple services and/or jacket cleaning.

        Will you repair my non-Taylor's Leatherwear brand jacket?

        We only service Taylor's Leatherwear products.  If your jacket is missing a label and you aren't sure if we made it, please take photos and email them to us.

        Can I order a new zip out liner for my existing jacket?

        Yes--but you must ship your jacket to us so that we can cut the liner to fit precisely and line up the new zipper to the one in your existing jacket.


        Leather Jacket Care Tips

        Do not take a leather item to a standard dry-cleaning company unless they provide a process developed specifically for leather--regular chemicals used to dry-clean other fabrics will ruin the finish of most leather.

        Unprotected leather is susceptible to spotting from water and other liquids, a newly purchased leather item should be treated immediately to prevent permanent stains.  The use of too much oil and wax, however, can clog pores, causing leather to lose its ability to allow air in and moisture out. 

        For spot-cleaning and improved water resistance, we recommend our own water & stain protecting spray.  Purchase some here.

        Always hang leather coats on wide, padded hangers.  Use shoe trees in shoes and boots.  Stuff empty handbags with tissues to retain their shape.

        Don't store your leather garment in a place that has warm, stagnant air like an attic, in direct sunlight, or in a car trunk for an extended period of time.

        Avoid wet paint at all costs.

        Do not store leather goods in plastic bags or other nonporous covers.  If clothing must be stored in a garment bag, keep it open for ventilation.

        Allow wet or damp leather to air-dry naturally away from any source of heat. Apply a little leather conditioner when the leather is nearly dry to restore flexibility. Follow this with a full conditioning treatment after the leather has completely air-dried.

        In winter, promptly remove any salt deposits from coats, shoes, and boots by sponging with clean water, then follow with the the treatment recommended above for wet or damp leather.  To prevent mildew, protect leather from excessive humidity.

        In a dry environment, regularly condition the leather to prevent it from drying out and cracking.

        Do not use waxes, silicone formulas, or other leather preparations that impair the ability of the leather to "breathe."

        Never use caustic household chemicals to clean leather.  Also avoid leather preparations that contain alcohol, turpentine and mineral spirits that can pull the color of the leather, and mink oil or other animal fats that will darken the leather.