Custom Police and Bomber Jackets

Made to Order Custom Leather Jackets

Any of our police or bomber jacket styles can be made to order and customized to meet your needs.  Color, size, and features can be altered for an additional fee and extended production time.  

  • No minimum quantities
  • Average of $100 additional fee per jacket
  • Delivery average of 90 days
  • No returns or exchanges

Available Options:

Colors: Black, Brown, Midnight Navy Blue

Leather: Cowhide or Goatskin

Sizing Alterations: +/-5" to the sleeve length, body length, and/or chest width

Epaulets changed, added or removed

Belt/Equipment loops changed, added or removed

Side zippers added or removed

Sleeve zippers added or removed

Pockets to carry soft armor panels added to permanent lining


Made to Order Custom Jacket Process: 

Step 1: Choose your style and order the recommended size from our stock catalog (you must try on a standard size before we can order a custom jacket for you)

Step 2: Try it on with your equipment, uniform layers and vest

Step 3: Determine if any changes need to be made to the sleeve length, body length, or chest. 

Step 4: Complete the custom jacket order form and select your options.  Download it here.

Step 5: Send the stock jacket back using the included return shipping label and the original box.  Include the completed custom jacket order form.

Step 6: Be patient! 60-90 days is the average time frame for production and shipment, but this varies based on the time of year and our current volume. We promise the finished product will be worth the wait and ready for decades of wear.