About Us

Taylor's Leatherwear is a family owned and operated private company, specializing in providing leather outerwear for the police, military, and aviation industries. 

Our customers include retail stores, government agencies, and individuals.  

Each Taylor's Leatherwear jacket is still cut and sewn by hand from the finest leather available.

All jackets include our 5 year warranty and lifetime service--we guarantee a quality product that is second to none.  See our full guarantee here.  

The original factory in Tullahoma now serves as a distribution and service center, where we receive, inspect, and carefully customize each imported jacket. 

Over the years, we have sewn for numerous city, county, and state police agencies--chances are, if you see a police officer on the street with a leather jacket, it's one of ours.  

From the "Chicago" to the "N.Y.P.D," these styles have become iconic in the representation of police officers in the United States.  Our leathers have been worn by actors in many movies and television shows--from Hill Street Blues to Gotham, by music industry professionals, professional football players, and by some of the largest corporations in the country.

Our Story

1943: Appalachian Tanning/Soesbe & Potter Leather Company is begins in Tullahoma, TN in the founder's garage
mr soesbe inspecting leather hides in 1953 taylors leatherwear

1943-1966: Manufactured & sold men's and children's leather sportswear

    vintage leather aviator bomber jacket

      1966: George "Red" Taylor (pictured below in 1973) purchases company and renames it "Taylor's Leatherwear"
      George Red Taylor

      1968: Designs leather outerwear for law enforcement officers and the military
      vintage police leather jacket taylors leatherwear

      1977: David Patton (pictured below in our catalog) current owner & president, purchases the company
      vintage leather police jacket, david taylor leather jacket


      1980's: Police customers include Milwaukee, Chicago and the state of Georgia as the wholesale police business grows

      1981-1987: Jackets appear on popular tv show "Hill Street Blues"

      hill street blues leather jacket, vintage chicago leather police jacket


      1982: Opened two retail stores selling all types of leather goods and furs

        taylors leatherwear and fur company 1980s


        1990's: Hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the country adopt their own Taylor's police jacket style--even the NYPD!

          cop leather jacket, leather duty jacket, taylors leather


            • All Fedex pilots are issued a custom Taylor's Leatherwear bomber jacket
            • US Customs & Border Patrol adds a custom leather jacket to their uniform which they still wear today

            taylors leather police motorcycle leather jacket

              • Launched online retail store
              • Jackets appear on television shows "Gotham," "Sleepy Hollow," and "Tin Star"
              • Today we supply jackets for virtually every major police department in the United States, and many commercial and private airlines