A Brief History Of Leather Jackets

Sure, we all know that the iconic leather jacket is a style statement today, but do you know how they came about? When leather jackets were first worn, they were not meant to be statement pieces at all. Rather, they were purely functional garments that helped to keep their wearers warm under trying conditions. Over the years, these versatile and hardy garments have been popularized through the media, contributing to its widespread desirability today. In this article, we share with you the history of leather jackets, starting with its humble beginnings.

Humble Beginnings

The classic aviator style jacket first came about during WWI, where fighter pilots needed a way of keeping themselves warm in open cockpits. Because of the durability of leather, these jackets quickly caught on and were worn by pilots throughout both World Wars. It was not until 1925 that the first modern leather jacket was manufactured, less than a century ago!

The raw material used to make these jackets were sprinkled with salt or packed in barrels of brine to ensure that they did not rot. Once the material was softened, it can be dyed a variety of different colors and features such as buttons, loops and zips can be added.

Achieving Iconic Status and Popularity

It is not till the mid-20th century that leather jackets started to achieve their iconic status. This rise in popularity was largely due to the media. Hollywood stars wore this garment on air, becoming such a trend that Harrison Ford eventually wore one in the Indiana Jones series. One of the most popular leather jacket appearances in pop culture is when Tom Cruise spotted one in “Top Gun” in 1986. Ever since then, leather jackets have become an icon for style and functionality.

The Ramones also helped to further popularize leather jackets, dubbing their style “punk fashion”. As a result, many heavy-metal band members started wearing these garments as an expression of their lifestyles and personalities.

Evolving to Incorporate Style with Functionality

When leather jackets first made their debut, style was far from the biggest consideration. Pilots needed a garment to keep them warm during extreme weather conditions, and that was what these jackets were designed for. The leather jackets of today incorporate the best of both worlds. You can easily find a stylish leather jacket that does not compromise on functionality to keep you warm when it’s cold out.

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