A Guide To Caring For Your Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Those who are fortunate enough to own a leather motorcycle jacket often hold them in high regard. Not only do leather motorcycle jackets look stylish and sophisticated, but they also provide excellent protection against the elements. That being said, these jackets must be properly maintained, and below are some motorcycle leather jacket care tips that you’ll want to follow.

Add Some Leather Conditioner Periodically

Every so often, you’ll want to rub some commercial leather conditioner onto the jacket, as this will restore its luster while preventing undue cracking and dryness. However, be sure not to add too much, otherwise the conditioner might clog up the pores and affect the color of the jacket. Check the label to determine which conditioner is best and stay away from anything that contains petroleum or mineral oil. Saddle soap should also be avoided unless the leather has a coating which is water resistant. The conditioner should be applied once every six to twelve months.

Take the Jacket to a Professional to Remove Leather Wrinkles

Never use a hot iron to remove leather wrinkles, as there is a good chance you’ll damage the jacket. Most wrinkles can be removed by simply hanging the jacket using a nice sturdy hanger. However, if this doesn’t work, you’ll want to take it to a professional who specializes in leather, as they have the tools and techniques needed to remove the wrinkles the right way.

Make Sure Your Motorcycle Jacket is Water Resistant

It is inevitable that your jacket will be exposed to rain at some point, and while there are many products on the market which claim that they can make your leather jacket waterproof, it is important to carefully read their labels. The best water protectant sprays are made with either acrylic copolymer or silicone polymer but wax or grease based products are also good. The waterproof coating will only last for a set period of time before it will have to be reapplied, and even then, its water resistance is still limited so you should ensure that your jacket is never submerged in water.

Clean Suede Jackets with Special Brushes or Dry Sponges

Suede is a high-end but very sensitive leather. It has to be cleaned in a certain way with specific tools, otherwise you’ll damage it. It is best to buy a suede brush which can eliminate light grime, but don’t use this brush on other types of leather as it can scratch or ruin their surface.

Store Your Motorcycle Jacket Carefully

Leather jackets should never be stored in close proximity to other garments as their dyes might bleed onto it. Additionally, these jackets should be kept away from excessive sunlight or other heat sources and pesticides, since the leather material might actually absorb them and their smell which can be very difficult to remove. Your leather jacket will last a long time when it is stored in an airy location where the material can breathe. Standard closets are fine so long as they aren’t warm or damp.