A Guide To Goatskin Leather

While not knowing many of the details that surround it, many people have at least heard of goatskin leather. Based on its lightweight qualities, strength, and softness, it is one of the most resilient leathers and frequently used to make apparel, bags, shoes, and gloves. It can also be used for various accessories like wallets, belts, and rugs. What exactly is goatskin? How does it differ from other leathers? What are its good points and it's not so desirable characteristics?

Needless to say, goatskin is made from… goats. Distinctive to this type of leather, it has a grainy, tight texture that resembles ridges where its appearance is concerned. Goatskin's natural properties enable it to be water resistant as well as supple and soft. Because it was sourced from Morocco historically, you may also hear it called Moroccan leather.

Let's examine other types of leather and how they compare to goatskin.

Lambskin Versus Goatskin

  • Goatskin: Offers qualities that are more rugged. It is stronger. Not as soft and supple as lambskin.
  • Lambskin: Lighter than goatskin. But insulation properties are inferior to goatskin.

It's a tie between the two, however, where flexibility factors are concerned.

Sheepskin Versus Goatskin

  • Sheepskin: Leather made from sheepskin wins where flexibility is concerned. It offers more stretchability.
  • Goatskin: Compared to sheepskin, it is more rugged and stronger. It is also slightly heavier, but nowhere near as soft.

Cowhide Versus Goatskin

  • Cowhide: Hands down the winner in matters of strength. Because of its heavy weight factor, it offers better insulation than does goatskin.
  • Goatskin: What it lacks in strength it more than makes up for in flexibility. Where softness is concerned, it wins out again.

Goatskin – Pluses and Minuses

  • Compared to most leather types, goatskin leather is cheaper.
  • Goatskin can be shaved and split.
  • With goatskin leather, you will stay warm in cold weather because, along with the weather, the leather actually changes.
  • With goatskin leather, you will stay cooler in warm weather.
  • The ability to absorb humidity helps keep goatskin soft and supple.

In Summary

To stay warmer in cool weather and cooler in warm weather, goatskin leather is preferable because of its ability to adapt to either climate. In addition to the comfort factor regarding temperature, you can also expect exceptional comfort where its flexibility, suppleness, and softness are concerned.

Because goatskin is so durable, it has a high level of functionality in addition to looking good. Its surface is interestingly textured.

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