A Simple Guide To Buying A Leather Jacket

If it’s your first time buying a leather jacket, you may be wondering what elements to watch out for. It’s important to get a jacket that fits perfectly as these garments are meant to serve you well year after year and can almost be said to be an investment. In this article, we share with you some top considerations to keep in mind when buying a leather jacket.

Style of Jacket

Before you browse through the selections on offer, it helps to know the specific style of jacket you are looking for. Would you prefer a more modern bomber jacket, or a classic aviator style? There’s no right or wrong answer, and it all depends on the look you are going for as well as your preferred fit.

Type of Leather

When it comes to the material of the jacket, there are several things to consider. Cowhide and lambskin are the two most common types of leather used to make jackets. The former is the most common material used to make leather jackets due to its toughness and durability. However, lambskin is softer and more supple, although that does mean it will cost more. 

Leather Finishing

Besides the type of leather, you will also have to decide on the finishing you prefer. Aniline leather, kept in its natural form inclusive of all marks and blemishes, will cost you more. However, it is more susceptible to damage caused by water and sunlight exposure. On the other hand, semi-aniline leather is treated to get rid of any natural marks and blemishes. The result is a more durable and rugged material.

Inner Lining

Whether you have a specific material of choice for the inner lining or wish to get rid of it altogether, this is an important factor to consider. Some inner lining materials have sweat-wicking properties which is a great option for individuals who sweat easily. Jackets with no inner linings are lighter and more breathable but can also cost more.

Hardware and Accessories

What features are an absolute must-have on your leather jacket? Think zips, pockets, loops, epaulets and more. Hardware refers to functional features such as buttons and zips that allow you to get more out of your jacket, whereas accessories serve a merely decorative purpose. Accessories can include patches, buckles, motifs, eyelets, studs and many others. It helps to examine the hardware and accessories on a jacket when it comes to determining its quality.

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