Avoid These Mistakes When Buying A Leather Jacket

Considering buying a leather jacket? If it’s your first time, you may not be familiar with what to look out for. Or you may have bought a leather jacket that didn’t suit you in the past and want to avoid making the same mistakes. In this article, we share with you the top mistakes not to make when buying a leather jacket.

Failing to Consider Functionality Over Style

Before purchasing a leather jackedt, ask yourself whether style or functionality is your biggest consideration. If you intend for your jacket to keep you warm during the winter months, you may wish to opt for a thicker one. To this end, jackets with zipper fronts will also suit you better, as cold air can sneak in through the gaps between buttons. If you are going for style, it is still important to consider to choose a jacket that will be comfortable enough for daily wear.

Choosing the Wrong Size and/or Length

Ideally, you will want your leather jacket to fit just right. While some individuals may prefer a slightly tighter or looser fit, you don’t want a jacket that’s too short. A good rule of thumb is that your jacket should end just below your waist. Anything shorter than that can hamper your movement on top of looking awkward. If you prefer something longer, you may want to go for a jacket that ends below the knees.

Failing to Consider Hardware and Accessories

The features on a leather jacket may seem like small details when you are browsing, but they can make a big difference when you actually put the jacket on. For instance, women who typically wear skirts or dresses will want to ensure that your leather jacket has pockets. You may also prefer to have sleeve zips if you want to be able to free your wrists at will.

Choosing A Jacket Purely Based on Looks

Of course, we understand that how a leather jacket looks on you is important. However, it should never be the only consideration. A jacket that looks good will not last you long if it’s leaving you too cold or is too baggy on you. To ensure that your new leather jacket will fit you perfectly, you may wish to get one custom made to suit your precise measurements. This also gives you the option to choose the exact features you want.

Get the Perfect Leather Jacket from Taylor’s Leatherwear

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