Consider These Factors When Choosing A Police Leather Jacket

Where law enforcement personnel are concerned – particularly those who ride motorcycles – why do uniforms and leather go hand in hand? As protective gear, a police leather jacket simply does the best job. Over the years, some fabrics have tried to match leather’s protective quality. Some have done relatively well. But there's nothing like a jacket made from leather to protect law enforcement motorcycle personnel.

Is there a difference, however, between split leather and cowhide? Actually, there is. Split leather doesn't offer quite as much protection as cowhide. There are number of things, when selecting a jacket, that should be considered. They are as follows:

  • Is there adequate storage capacity?
  • For additional safety, are there reinforcements?
  • For weather conditions, is there some level of adjustability?
  • Of course, the fit of the jacket must be considered.

Let's take a look at these individually.

Storage Capacity

For motorcycle police in particular, one important consideration is that of storage capacity. Why? Storing things in pants pockets or purses is not practical. At least one interior pocket should be contained within the jacket for a cell phone, coins, wallet, etc. If possible, all pockets should be waterproof and exterior pockets should have closures that are sturdy and zippered.


The best protection is provided by a reinforced leather jacket. It shields your joints and bones as well as protecting your skin. Sewn into the jacket, you may find plastic, heavy duty armor. Other jackets simply have additional padding as reinforcement. So that all areas are protected by the specially designed armored layers, it is even more important that the jacket fits properly. Elbows need to be protected by correctly fitting elbow guards, shoulders need to be covered by the shoulder pads, etc.


In all types of weather, and for seasonal changes, a jacket must be adjustable. In the winter, it needs to be lined for warmth. In the heat of summer, staying cool will be easier with venting. Removable liners are best for convenience. As you ride, the jacket must be loose enough so that vents can cool your skin. There may be secondary vents on the sleeves of a jacket but the front and back will likely have primary vents that are zippered.


A jacket needs to fit properly if it is to be effective as a piece of protective gear. When it comes to fit, the following qualities should be possessed by your leather jacket:

  • It must be roomy enough (particularly in the shoulders) so that your shoulder and arm movement isn't inhibited.
  • Because a jacket needs to protect your kidney area and spine, it must be long enough in the rear to cover your pants top.
  • When seated on your motorcycle, so that your arms are adequately covered, the sleeves must be marginally longer than they would be if it were a regular jacket.

Bottom Line

Out of all materials available, the best protection for law enforcement motorcycle personnel is leather. While on the job, men and women in this line of work can stay more comfortable, and safer, if they choose the right jacket.

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