Here's How Long A Leather Jacket Will Last You

Leather jackets make for great attire that never goes out of fashion. When you invest in a great leather jacket, you can be sure that you will enjoy wearing the jacket for a long time. One of the amazing things about real leather jackets is that they get better with time. Nevertheless, it is important to ensure that you take care of your jacket so it can stay in great shape for longer.

Real Vs. Faux

When it comes to leather, you have to be sure that you are dealing with genuine leather as opposed to faux leather. imitation leather does not last long even with careful use. In fact, within a few months of normal use, faux leather will not last for more than a few months before it starts cracking. For the purposes of this article, we are talking about real leather and not faux leather.

When it comes to how long leather lasts, there are a number of factors that come into play. We are going to look at some of these factors and how you can leverage them to prolong the life of your leather jacket.

Type of Leather

Quality and source of hides differ and this, in turn, has an effect on the longevity of your leather jacket Generally speaking, the higher the quality of leather that you are working with, the longer your leather jacket will last. Cowhide makes for the thickest and most long-lasting leather jackets. It is heavy as well and so is able to offer maximum protection from rain and wind. When it comes to goat hide, you get fairly good leather jackets that are not as heavy as those made from cowhide but can offer relatively good protection as well. Lambskin makes for the lightest and softest of all hides. While it is valued at a premium for its comfort, it is also the lightest and thus relatively not as durable as the others.

Quality of Leather

The quality of leather that is used to make your jacket also makes a difference to the longevity of your apparel. There are four different kinds of leather. From the least durable, you have what is known as bonded leather which is leather made from bits and pieces of rawhide. This leather is not of very good quality and does not last very long. From there, you have genuine leather which is 3 grade and is relatively less durable than the next two grades. After that, you have top-grain leather which can give you service for a long time provided that it is well taken care of. Finally, at the top of the pile is full-grain leather which can generally last for decades and commands a much higher price.


One of the most critical factors when it comes to how long your leather jacket will last is how you care for it. Leather requires to be cleaned constantly and also requires to be stored under the right conditions. Not doing any of these things can easily lead to your leather jacket getting spoilt.