How A Leather Jacket Should Fit For Men And Women

A leather jacket can almost be said to be an investment, something you will continue wearing for years to come instead of discarding after one season. Hence, it’s of the utmost importance that you get the fit just right. The perfect fit for you will largely depend on whether you are going for functional or fashionable, and it will differ slightly for men and women too. In this article, we share with you how a leather jacket should fit for men and women.

Functional or Fashionable?

Before anything else, ask yourself whether you want your leather jacket to be first and foremost functional or fashionable. This will impact the type of jacket you buy and its fit. If you are intending to layer up to keep yourself warm in winter, the type of jacket you need will be different from one intended to be worn during warmer weather as a fashion statement.

For Men

Now that you have decided on the type of leather jacket you are going for, let’s take a look at how this should fit for men:

  • Functional: A functional and practical leather jacket should have a shoulder seam that falls just below your natural shoulder line or coincides with it. This gives you some room for layering up underneath it. You may choose to go for slightly longer sleeves to provide your hands some warmth.
  • Fashionable: A fashionable leather jacket should fit more snugly than a functional one as you are unlikely to be wearing bulky layers underneath. However, the same rule applies with the shoulder seams so that you are not looking swallowed up in a too big jacket or bursting in a too small one.

For Women

Let’s get to how these styles of jackets should fit for women now:

  • Functional: For a functional jacket that keeps you warm, there should be enough room to add layers underneath without making you look trapped. The areas to pay attention to here are the shoulder seams as well as the arm width – ensure that they are longer and wider than your actual measurements.
  • Fashionable: Fashionable leather jackets should have a shoulder seam that coincides perfectly with your natural shoulder line, not below or above it. The cut of this jacket should be slimmer, hugging your body snugly.

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