How Men Can Wear A Scarf With A Leather Jacket

For most men, scarves are considered nothing more than an accessory to be worn in the fall and winter months. However, the truth is that scarves are very versatile, especially when worn with other clothing items. One great way is to pair a scarf with a leather jacket or jacket of any kind. However, there are specific tips you need to keep in mind if you want your outfit to look fantastic. In this article, you will learn how to wear a scarf with a leather jacket without looking clueless or as if you're trying too hard.

The Types of Knots for a Scarf and Leather Jacket

  • The Braid

One of the most popular ways to tie your scarf around your neck is by braiding it. This method will prevent your scarf from draping too loosely around your neck, which can be distracting. While there are many different braids, you should begin with an overhand knot, followed by three more rows of knots that alternate across one another. To finish, tuck both ends underneath one row of knots.

  • Cravat

The cravat is one of those things that you either love or hate. There are two ways of wearing it, first being tied around your neck, and secondly as a bow tie. To wear it around your neck, undo off any existing buttons on the front of your jacket and tuck in any long shirt collars, so they’re out of sight. Next, wrap the scarf loosely around your neck, so two lengths hang down on either side.

  • Parisian Knot

Wrap your scarf around your neck once. Cross both sides of your scarf and pull one end through the loop you’ve created. Pull until it’s secure.

  • Double Four-in-Hand Knot

Wrap your scarf around your neck once. Pull both ends through the loop you’ve created, creating a second loop on top of it. Bring those ends back through those loops from underneath, making one final loop on top which can be pulled tight.

The Best Way to Style a Scarf Over a Leather Jacket 

  • Casual

If you’re going for an even more casual look, make sure your scarf isn’t too formal. A ribbed scarf looks fantastic with just about any jacket, while plaid scarves pair well with denim jackets and field jackets. If you want to be incredibly bold, try wearing two scarves at once—one draped over each shoulder or wrapped around your neck twice. It can work! Keep in mind that while some styles of leather jackets look great buttoned up, others don’t, so if yours is one of those that needs to remain open, go ahead and wear it unbuttoned for extra style points.

  • Office Casual

The scarf is perfect for an everyday look. Pair your leather jacket with an office shirt and formal pants or skirt, then match your scarf with that outfit. Choose bright colors if heading out after work or select neutrals if it’s all about work. Both are pretty good combos, so don’t worry about matching everything perfectly, just don’t over-accessorize. Of course, there are so many ways to style a scarf over a leather jacket, but all have one thing in common, adding warmth.

Scarves can be worn in many ways and serve multiple purposes. The easiest way is just by tying it around your neck, if you are feeling adventurous, observe how people wear it. The possibilities are endless, so have fun finding which style fits you best!