How To Break In A Leather Jacket Without Ruining It

One of the most awesome characteristics of leather jackets is the fact that, as with fine wines, they get better with age. One of the reasons is that over time, you actually break in a leather jacket, rather than wearing it out. That doesn't mean, however, leather jackets are beyond the possibility of damage. They are durable, and therefore stand up to things most coats and jackets could never dream of. But if done wrong, when breaking in your leather jacket, you can damage it.

To assist you in breaking in your leather jacket, we’re going to offer some tips. Though a brand-new leather jacket is quite something to behold, some people find them marginally uncomfortable and a bit stiff right off the bat. One of the most popular and easiest ways to break in a leather jacket is simply to wear it at every given opportunity. But we'll also look at some other break-in methods.

Everyday Wear and Tear

Okay, the "tear" part of that isn't particularly desirable. But simply by wearing your leather jacket as much as possible, you will break it in nicely. Don't be afraid to wear it every single day. While you're wearing it, go ahead and put some gentle stress on it. Bend, move, jump around. Feel free to get a little unconventional with your manner of wear and tear.

Be sure, every several months or so, to use saddle soap or some other leather conditioner on your jacket. This will not only help to break it in, but assist it in remaining resistant to soil, water, and more.

Take a Walk in the Rain

Because it's leather, it won't destroy your jacket to wear it in the rain. The next time there is a light rain going on outside, take a walk. Don't get the jacket saturated, however. While the jacket is still damp, moving around will help stretch it out. Shrug your shoulders, windmill your arms, bend your elbows, jump, run, etc.

Because you conditioned it every few months, as just suggested, it will be somewhat resistant to rain and stand less chance of being damaged by the moisture.

Keep in mind that you always want to let your leather jacket completely dry out after it gets wet. While breaking it in, however, if you can stand it, while it's drying, keep it on.

What Not to Do

As just mentioned, don't let your jacket become saturated if you can help it. At least not while you're breaking it in. You're bound to get caught in a downpour eventually, but let's avoid that at first, if possible.

When you're bending and shrugging and doing all of those things to stretch out your jacket, excessive force should be avoided during the break-in period.

Care labels are created and sewn into clothing for a reason. Before you do anything else, read the care label in your leather jacket. This will give you a good idea how to make that jacket last for as long as possible, so you can enjoy it for decades to come.

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