How To Wear A Leather Jacket In Winter

One of the reasons why leather jackets are so popular is the fact that they are very warm and fashionable. The fact that they can be combined with all sorts of attire means that you can show up at a ball game in a leather jacket just as effortlessly as you can wear it to a lunch date. Leather jackets can keep you warm during winter but you need to know how to wear your leather jacket. Here are some ideas about how to wear a leather jacket in winter.

Take A Layered Approach

To help trap heat and keep your body warm during winter, it is a good idea to take a layered approach. While the leather jacket is likely to be the outermost garment, you can choose to have a t-shirt/shirt and a sweater on top. The leather jacket then goes in as the third layer. This way, very little body heat escapes and so you stay warm and toasty even in the coldest of winters.

Warm Lining

If you are shopping for a leather jacket for winter, you should try and get one that has an inner lining. This quilted lining helps to trap heat and ensure that you stay warm. Pick a jacket that has a soft quilt so that it does not irritate any part of your skin that may come into contact with it (in case you are wearing a short sleeve shirt or tee shirt. One of the challenges that people face when looking for quilted leather jackets is finding the right jacket with quilt lining. Fortunately, there is an easy way around this challenge. You can always make alterations to your leather jacket and have a quilted lining sewed onto the jacket.

Get The Footwear Right

One of the hallmarks of leather jackets is that they work with a wide variety of footwear. Boots are popular in winter as they protect the entire foot from water puddles and snow. Getting footwear right means having boots that match your leather jacket. This is not very difficult as leather jackets tend to either be black or brown. This means that you can easily get boots to match them. If you can’t match your boots with your leather jacket, you can test out various colors to see which ones contrast best.

Ensure It Is Real Leather

There are many materials out there that are designed to look like leather. Synthetic leather is often indistinguishable from real leather. The problem with synthetic leather is that it will not be as warm as the real thing. You should read the labels on each leather jacket carefully before you decide to buy. If you can find labels or you are not sure, always ask shop attendants to confirm that it is real leather.

Winterize Your Jacket

One way that you can improve the insulation qualities of your leather jacket is to condition it. This is done by applying a leather moisturizing element such as saddle soap to your jacket. This conditioning helps to protect your leather jacket from dry air and ensures that it stays soft and supple. It is enough to do this once a month as overdoing it might end up damaging your leather jacket.