Keep These In Mind When Buying A Leather Bomber Jacket

Initially, buying a leather bomber jacket seems like a straightforward process. You go to a local clothing outlet and pick out one you like in a size that fits, or visit a website and browse their selection before making an order and having it shipped. However, there are a number of additional things that should be taken into consideration.

Always Choose Bomber Jackets with Great Stitching

Many people don’t know the difference between good and bad stitching. Leather is coarse and thick and as such, it needs a specific form of stitching in order to stand the test of time. You always want to purchase jackets that have thick threads which pinch its leather near the zipper. Stay away from single line or thinner thread stitching which are commonly performed by sewing machines, because single line seams lack structural integrity.

Search for Jackets with YKK Zippers

The YKK zipper is the best that money can buy. They tend to be well stitched within the jacket, and their sliders have an ultra-smooth slide. The last thing you want is a zipper that easily gets stuck or frequently gets caught in fabric, which is a common problem among cheaper jackets.

Select the Right Leather

A lot of inexperienced shoppers believe that all leathers are the same, but this isn’t true. Bomber jackets can be made with at least five different leathers, and not all of them are equal in quality. For instance, goatskin is soft, and is frequently used in handbags. However, for a jacket, it isn’t the ideal leather especially if the wearer is physically active. Sheepskin is one of the warmest leather but it is also quite weak and tears easily.

Deerskin is soft and thin yet very costly, but it will retain its texture even after being exposed to moisture or dryness. Pigskin is one of the thickest leathers and is frequently used in wallets but when used for jackets, they might feel too stiff and rigid.

Cowhide is the best all-around leather for jackets because it is dense and durable. Jackets made with cowhide leather have a porous look to them, which make them look authentic and feel heavy when worn. The only weakness with cowhide is that its rigidity might compromise the mobility of the wearer.

Choose Jackets with a Flip-Up Style Collar

For those who live in places with extremely frigid temperatures, a bomber jacket with a flip-up style collar is a must since it will protect your neck, which is important. A lot of bomber jackets, especially the B-15, G-1 and RAF, all use collars that can be flipped up.

Falling Fabric is the Best Type

A high quality fabric is one that “falls.” This means that when worn, the fabric will settle and conform to the frame of the person who wears it – this is the hallmark of a high-end design. Jackets that “fall” nicely usually have the right cut and proportion. They are also made with quality material and often come with outstanding stitching.

If you’re looking to purchase a leather bomber jacket, do keep the above guidelines in mind. They will help you get a jacket that can last you for years, if not a lifetime.