Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcycle Safety Tips Riding season is officially here! We know that we’re not the only ones that are pumped to get back out on the open road but tuning and polishing up your bike is only one part of getting back out there. Safety is key and something that we’re all responsible for. Whether this is your first season on a bike or you’re a seasoned vet, it’s always the right time to brush up on our safety knowledge. We’ve put together a few friendly reminders to help you get prepped for a safe and fun season!

1. Take a safety course - it’s never too late to refresh your road and safety education. Traffic laws can change and so can roads that you’ve become familiar with. A quick refresher course from your local safety educator is the best way to ensure you’re up to date!

2. Practice - if you’re just getting used to your bike or it’s been awhile since you’ve been on it, find yourself a large wide open space like an empty parking lot to cruise around in and get your bearings straight!

3. Wear the right gear - when it comes to battling the weather elements, minimizing injury risk and looking the part, the right gear is essential! Leather has long been the goto for riders and for good reason. Leather is your best defense against road rash in the event of a spill and also keeps us safe from wind and other elements. Our wide selection of leather jackets for men and women not only provide you with that peace of mind but also give you endless options to find the right one for you!

4. Ride within your skill level - the more you ride, the more comfortable you will become with your bike, traffic, roadways and more. Don’t rush this process and stay diligent with practicing as much as you can. As you get more and more used to everything, you can start extending your ride and exploring new areas.

5. Ride sober - it’s extremely important to be as aware and focused as possible when you’re out for a ride. Being 100% sober is essential in making that possible. Save the drinks for after the ride and your bike is put away for the day.

6. Keep your bike tuned up - the best way to prevent a breakdown out on the road is to be proactive. Take your bike to the local shop at the beginning of the season to ensure everything is good to go. Also, become used to what your bike sounds like and rides like. If anything feels out of the ordinary throughout the season, take it back into the shop for an inspection.

7. Use hand signals - in addition to using your bikes light signals, become aware of and use hand signals to ensure that the surrounding motorists know exactly what your intentions are.

8. Keep the audio down - this includes music and radio chatter that might become distracting and prevent you from hearing important noises on the road such as horns.

9. Choose riding partners carefully - there’s nothing like going for a ride with friends but be sure that they’re up to date on their safety and that they’re at a similar level of riding skill as you. Learning from those that are more experienced can definitely help improve your skills, just ensure that they’re inline with road safety.

10. Keep your cool - road rage and anger don’t serve a purpose at any time. The whole reason for having a bike and getting out on the road is to clear your mind and relax. Have patience when you’re out there, take your time, make safe decisions and most importantly, enjoy the ride!

The start of the motorcycle season is an exciting time of year for everyone that rides and we can say that from experience! It’s important to come into it prepared on every level though. Run through this checklist and be sure that your bike is tuned up but also your knowledge of the roads, the laws and your surroundings. The most important part of the season is ensuring that there’s another one next season. Happy riding!