Prolonging The Lifespan Of Your Leather Jacket

Leather is an exceptionally durable material, and when properly maintained, it will last for years if not a lifetime. Buying a high quality leather jacket could be one of the best wardrobe investments you have ever made. To maximize leather jacket lifespan, it is important to follow the tips below.

Never Expose Your Jacket to Direct Sunlight

Sunlight can wreak havoc on even the best napa or cowhide leather. This is because the material will become dry and cracks will start to appear, and once this occurs, sending your jacket for repairs can be costly. When your jacket is not in use, it should be stored in a cool and dark place. It should not be stored in containers which are air tight or sealed, and it should be kept away from garments which contain dye as this might bleed onto them.

Choose a Jacket Made from Genuine Napa

Napa is one of the best leathers that money can buy. It has greater longevity than other leather types yet is manufactured with a grain that is extremely fine to give it incredible softness. Any dust or debris which appears on the jacket should be brushed off before placing it in storage.

Do Not Use Chemical Stain Removers

If you stain your leather jacket, you might be tempted to use a commercial stain remover – please don’t. Because leather is porous, any stain remover you apply will be absorbed, and if the chemicals are harsh, they will gradually degrade the jacket over time.

Be Careful When Using the Zipper

Most leather jackets use zippers, especially in front. When you zip it down or up, you’ll need to be careful as the zipper can frequently get stuck. If your zipper does get stuck and you try to force it, it might break. This can happen even on high end leather jackets. If you encounter a situation where the zipper is not moving, rather than force it, you should gently tug until it moves along the rails.

Do Not Put the Jacket in a Washing Machine

Under no circumstances should a leather jacket be placed in a washing machine, and most manufacturers will warn against it on their care tag. The problem with a washing machine is that it will submerge the jacket in water. While leather can handle a small level of moisture, this level of aquatic exposure will lead to the development of mildew.

Rather than using a washing machine or commercial stain removers to clean your jacket, you will want to spot clean it instead. This means you’ll simply want to get a washcloth which is damp and then blot the surface areas that need to be cleaned.

Always Use a Clothes Hanger When Storing Your Jacket

When you’re not wearing your jacket, it is recommended to always place it in a clothes hanger. The best hangers are those made from heavy duty wood. Folding the jacket and keeping it in a standard drawer might cause it to lose its natural form, which over time, might cause it not to fit properly.

If you follow these tips, you should be able to prolong the longevity of your leather jacket and make it worth the investment.