Shoes That Go Well With A Leather Jacket

A leather jacket always looks good when worn over any clothing, but you can make it stand out even more if you wear the right shoes with it. To do that, however, you need to know what types of shoes look best with a leather jacket. Here are the best pair of shoes to match your leather jacket!


Boots never fail to work well with a leather jacket, but of late, over-the-knee boots become a major trend that you might want to try out. They look great both with pants and dresses, so you'll be able to make use of them as an alternative if you don't feel like wearing tall boots all day long.

Dress Shoes

It can seem risky to wear dress shoes with a leather jacket since they are associated with office attire or fancy evenings out, but there are plenty of options. The trick is finding a pair that won't detract from your overall outfit. For example, loafers and derbies would probably clash with your jacket, but desert boots work well since they don't draw attention from the jacket as much.

Flats & Slip-ons

Flats and slip-ons go well with a leather jacket. Try a pair of loafers or ballet flats for a classier look, or opt for flip-flops for an easy, relaxed vibe. If you wear heels with your leather jacket, they should be no taller than two inches. Anything higher will be too distracting from your outfit's other elements. The simpler and cleaner your overall look is, the better it will work as an ensemble.


Heels, as we all know, make our legs look longer and shapelier, but they aren't suitable for every look; if you plan on wearing your heels with a leather jacket that is not attached to a suit or dress pants, you might want to avoid them. Heels can detract from what can otherwise be a very masculine outfit; try flats instead and opt for pants that stop above your ankle, regardless of how much you love those thigh-high boots. If you need higher coverage, consider tucking in an opaque black camisole or slip underneath your jacket to avoid any unwanted peeking.

Tennis Shoes & Sneakers

Sneakers and tennis shoes tend to match well with leather jackets. They're simple, stylish, and can match any outfit. Flat-soled athletic shoes look great with a leather jacket because they break up any clean lines that may be present in your outfit and give you an active look. At night, sneakers and tennis shoes tend to keep your feet cooler than boots or dress shoes will.


There are a lot of different types of sandals you can wear to pair with your leather jacket. The important thing is that they have straps, because many women's leather jackets have strips or belts. Flat sandals are okay, but it is better to have something with more height so you can show off your entire outfit.

Regardless of what style of leather jacket you go with, boots are always a solid choice. Pairing your boots with your leather jacket will give you an authentic rock star vibe. If you're more into formal wear, try some wingtips instead. Any pair of shoes that is dark or matches well with black leather will go well with most styles of leather jackets. When in doubt, stick to black!