The Biker’s Guide To Wearing A Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Owning the coolest leather motorcycle jacket will do you little good if you don’t know how to wear it right. Below are some tips that will help riders wear their jackets in a manner that will maximize their comfort, style, protection and functionality.

Thicker is Always Better

Stay away from motorcycle jackets that are too thin, regardless of how affordable they are. The purpose of these motorcycle jackets is to protect riders in the event of an accident, and in order to do that job, the leather must be as thick as possible. That being said, the ideal thickness for a motorcycle jacket is approximately 1.4 mm or higher.

Wipe Down the Leather after Rain Exposure

Quality motorcycle jackets are designed to withstand rain, but they should still be dried after being exposed to it. Leather, like the majority of textiles or fabrics, will absorb moisture. If you wear your jacket during a heavy downpour, you will need to dry it thoroughly and not allow moisture to collect in the pores. However, you must never place your jacket in a standard dryer because doing so will cause your leather jacket to shrink, crack or become damaged beyond repair. Instead, you’ll want to simply wipe it down and then hang it in a breezy place where it can air dry.

Look for Jackets with YKK Zippers in Front

YKK refers to Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha, which is considered the world’s premier zipper. These Japanese zippers are prized for their dependability and millions are manufactured regularly. They come in multiple colors, styles and materials and rarely become “stuck” like the zippers found in low quality clothing.

Once you’ve found and purchased a motorcycle jacket with the YKK zipper, be sure to always zip it up before riding your motorcycle. The reason for this is because leaving the zipper open while riding will make the sides flap all over the place, which is not only uncomfortable, but might also cause the jacket to fly off your back when you’re moving at high speeds and making turns.

Stay Away from “Faux” Leather

When it comes to motorcycle jackets, the leather is either authentic or it isn’t. Avoid jackets which advertise themselves as faux leather jackets, as this is just a euphemistic way of saying that the leather is fake and lacks the quality of real ox hide. While an authentic leather jacket will certainly cost more, it is definitely worth the splurge if you consider it as an investment that will protect you from adverse weather and injury – you certainly won’t get these protective features from a faux leather jacket. If you can’t afford a genuine leather jacket at present, we recommending saving up for it.

Select a Color that Matches the Motorcycle

Ideally, the motorcycle jacket you purchase should complement your motorcycle. For example, a black jacket looks a lot better with a black motorcycle than a brown colored jacket. When the color of your jacket and motorcycle are coordinated, you’ll look effortlessly stylish and sophisticated.