Tips For Storing Leather Jackets Properly

Leather jackets are prized for their timeless style and versatility, and high quality leather jackets can fetch a hefty price. Once you have purchased one, it is considered an investment. In order to prolong its durability, you should store it well so it can last you a long time. Learn about some tips for storing leather jackets properly.

Avoid Storing the Jacket in Hot or Humid Places

Heat and humidity are two things that can ruin even the best made leather jacket. This is why experts always recommend storing your jacket in an area which has standard room temperature, with a humidity that is between 40 and 50 percent. In an environment where the humidity exceeds 60 percent, the jacket might develop mold and cause irreversible damage to it.

If you live in an area which has high humidity, especially during the summer, you’ll want to consider storing the jacket in a room with a dehumidifier – the dehumidifier will deal with excess moisture in the air and make the space suitable for leather storage.

Never Store Your Jacket with Other Clothes

A common mistake made by novices is storing their leather jacket in close proximity to other clothes or garments. The reason this is a bad idea is because some garments contain dyes, and if the leather is in direct physical contact with them for long periods of time, the dye might actually be absorbed by the leather and cause discoloration.

Always Use a Sturdy Wooden Clothes Hanger

No matter where you decide to store the leather jacket, you should always hang it on a sturdy clothes hanger, preferably one made from wood. If the jacket is merely folded or tossed into a storage container, the leather may develop wrinkles which are tedious or impossible to eliminate. Using a clothes hanger will prevent wrinkles and allow the jacket to maintain its original shape at the same time.

While hangers come in multiple materials, sturdy wooden ones are the best because they are stronger than plastic and have greater durability. Plastic hangers are more likely to deform over time due to the heavy weight of authentic leather.

Avoid Direct Sunlight Exposure

While some degree of sunlight exposure is unavoidable when the jacket is worn outdoors, it should never be stored in an area where it is exposed to excessive sunlight because this will cause the color of the leather to fade over time. For instance, a leather jacket with a lovely brown tone might start to fade into a lighter brown hue.

Condition the Leather Periodically

Even though you follow our tips for storing leather jackets correctly, you’ll still need to condition your leather jacket periodically. This can be accomplished through the application of saddle soap or similar products.  The purpose of these substances is not to clean the leather; rather they hydrate it so the leather can remain moisturized and be less prone to drying out. How often should this be done? At the minimum, you should condition the jacket once every 12 months, but during times when the jacket is worn frequently, it should be done once every six months.

If you follow these guidelines and store your leather jacket well, it should last you a long time, if not a lifetime.