Understanding The Benefits Of Vintage Leather Jackets

There are so many leather jacket styles, it boggles the mind! As well as vintage and old styles, you can find modern, new styles where leather jackets are concerned. If you want to purchase the best, go with real leather, regardless of the style. There are, however, some distinct advantages to vintage leather jackets over others.

Before we explore these old school jackets and their advantages, let's define what is meant by the term "vintage leather jackets".

Vintage Leather Jackets – What Are They?

If the leather jacket features an old style, it can be considered vintage. The term refers specifically to a piece that's a few decades old or more. If the style is at least 20 years old, the word "vintage" – as it applies to leather jackets – is used.

Do not confuse the word "old" with vintage, however. There are both new and old vintage jackets available. Many companies feature old styles in the new leather jackets they sell/produce. They’re considered vintage because they feature old styles, even though they are technically new jackets.

The following are some types of jackets that are commonly classified as vintage leather jackets:

  • Aviator
  • M-65
  • Hunter bomber
  • MA-1 bomber
  • A2 flight bomber

Why Go with Vintage Leather Jackets?

Rather than a modern leather jacket, why should you go with a vintage leather jacket? For one thing, if you like variety, there are – available online and in brick-and-mortar stores – numerous classic styles to choose from. When it comes to vintage leather jackets in classic styles, there are literally dozens. For their traditional appearance, each style has become recognized, though all are unique in some way.

In some cases, modern leather jackets have a lower quality than do vintage leather jackets. The thing to remember is that if you go with a reputable company who uses quality leather, their products will be dependable, durable, and comfortable.

If you like to be in style, vintage leather jackets are the way to go. Though fashion trends change quickly, vintage is always in style. It's classic!

How to Wear Your Vintage Jacket

We have great news for you – when it comes to vintage leather jackets, there's really no wrong way to wear one. If you are confident and comfortable, you've nailed it. That said, here are some tips to making the experience even better:

  • You may want to match your boots or shoes to the color of your jacket. Example: Wear black boots or shoes if you are wearing a black vintage leather jacket. Brown boots or shoes with a brown jacket.
  • To pair with your vintage leather jacket, choose the right trousers or pants. To embody real leather’s eye-catching qualities, and to create a cohesive outfit, some people like to pair their vintage leather jacket with leather pants.
  • One of the best tips we can give the owner of any leather jacket is to make sure proper conditioning is done on a regular basis. Either with saddle soap or a similar leather conditioning product, condition your jacket every few This helps keep it smooth and soft and prevents cracking.

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