What Should Men Wear Under A Leather Jacket?

leather jacket for men is one of the best kinds of clothing you can wear to elevate your look. If you want to look stylish, it's always good to coordinate your outfit with matching clothes underneath the leather jacket. Wearing clothes that don't compliment or contrast enough with your jacket will make you look like your outfit was randomly thrown together. However, wearing an outfit that blends or contrasts nicely with your leather jacket can turn heads and help you look sharp, even if you're on a budget. So, what should men wear under a leather jacket? In this guide, we'll show you how to choose the perfect pieces to maximize your looks and comfort while wearing a leather jacket.

Biker Jacket with Green Clothing

Pairing a black biker jacket with skinny green jeans and a green flannel shirt might seem like an odd combination, but it works well because you're able to balance it out. The outfit requires that you balance color, texture, and pattern; together, they create harmony. You want each piece of clothing to compliment at least one other item in your outfit, while still standing out enough to make an impression. In a likelihood, no one will even notice or care about all your effort unless they look closely, so don't expect too much appreciation right away. Regardless of what anyone else thinks, you should always feel confident when rocking your style!

A White Shirt Under a Brown Bomber Jacket

This combination is a classic that never fails. It gives you that stylish, downtown casual look, that makes an outfit more masculine. Choose a classic button-down shirt in white or pastel. For the more adventurous, white jeans are also great to wear with brown leather jackets. The distressed look of these jeans blends well with distressed leather jackets. You can also combine it with different types of shoes and accessories to achieve different looks. For example, you can wear brown booties to give your ensemble a relaxed, laid-back look, while wearing black slip-on sneakers give a more edgy vibe.

Black T-Shirt with a Bomber Jacket

Blending different casual or smart casual looks is always a solid move. If you're wearing a bomber jacket, it's OK to wear a casual t-shirt with it. It's even OK to have some of your midriff exposed, but don't go overboard! The chances are that your jackets will be pretty form-fitting, so if you're rocking them on their own, you need to make sure that whatever t-shirt you're wearing can stand on its own as well, a black t-shirt is as much a classic piece as the white button-down shirt.

Racer Jacket in a Black Dressing

If you're going out for a casual dinner with friends, a white T-shirt and jeans look great under a leather racing jacket. The white T-shirt helps you stay classy and comfortable even in rough weather conditions. Moreover, it also helps you look slim and neat on any occasion. Pairing black pieces with your racing jacket is another option that looks dashing but edgier. You can either wear tight or loose pants depending on the level of casualness you wish to portray; tighter pants can even give off some denim vibe but without it being evident that you’re not wearing jeans.