What Should Women Wear Under A Leather Jacket?

Don't underestimate the importance of the leather jacket for women, having the right outfit to wear under it makes all the difference. Regardless of what you choose, you will look and feel great when wearing this functional and fashionable piece of outerwear. Whether heading to work or just running errands, this article will help you find the perfect pieces to wear underneath your leather jacket. By choosing the right items, you'll stay warm during the colder months while also making sure your jacket isn't too bulky.

Dress Pants

First, it's important to look at your lifestyle when choosing pants. If you have a desk job, these should probably be dress slacks, but if you have an active job, look for ones with stretch, so they don't get in your way when you move around or bend over. Tuck them into your boots or wear them under a leather jacket for added warmth. An alternative to dress pants is leggings, the epitome of the booming athleisure market, they're flexible and can easily be paired with sneakers for an everyday casual look but are still comfortable enough to wear all day long while doing chores or hanging out at home.

A Midi Skirt

Make sure that your midi skirt is below your knees. If it's too short, you can quickly end up looking tacky. Some midi skirts are longer than others but keep in mind that leather is a fabric with a lot of stretch, so chances are you will look tacky if you wear anything shorter. The next thing to pay attention to is your heels. Make sure they aren't too tall or high for comfort while walking around. Remember how high-heeled boots feel when you wear them for more than an hour.


If you're looking for comfort, sweatpants will keep you nice and warm on chilly autumn and winter days. They also look flattering with a leather jacket because of their loose-fitting nature. Not to mention, they're just comfy!

Knee-High Leggings

If you want to look trendy while staying warm, pick up a pair of knee-high leggings. They work well with both booties and heels, so they can easily be dressed up or down, depending on your outfit choice.

Knee-Length Dresses

Go for a more casual look with a knee-length dress and a pair of sneakers. Just be sure to avoid wearing anything too tight as you may have difficulty sitting comfortably. If it's warm, throw on a white shirt or blouse for an added pop of color under your leather jacket.

Plain Midi Dress

If you want to show off that gorgeous body of yours, bring along your favorite leather jacket, and pair it with a chic midi dress with straps that fall just above your shoulders. Leave yourself plenty of room for expansion by pairing it with tights rather than pantyhose.

As you can see, many items can be worn under a leather jacket. Make sure to select pieces that have been crafted from high-quality materials and will last for many years. Don't forget though, it's not what you wear under your leather jacket; it's how you wear it! Add an accessory or two and avoid bulky layers; when in doubt, ask a friend for an opinion.