What Should You Wear With A Leather Bomber Jacket?

The leather bomber jacket is prized for its style and functionality. The relaxed feel, broad shoulders and form fitting sleeves make it ideal for those who want to remain warm yet fashionable during winter. However, to look your best, it is essential to wear the right clothing to complement it. Below are some timeless tips that you can follow to carry off your bomber jacket with panache.

Add Some Color to Make Your Jacket Stand Out

The majority of leather jackets are either black or brown bomber jackets. As such, those who want their jackets to stand out can opt for a jacket that is burgundy, white or navy blue. When paired with clothing that is neutral in color, the combination will instantly make you look like a rock star.

Wear Your Jacket with Jeans, a Tie and Dress Shirt

Bomber jackets are an excellent alternative to sport coats, and this is because they can be combined with jeans, a tie and dress shirt, which make them great for people who are planning to attend sporting events or dine with friends or family at a nice restaurant. This combination is ideal for men who want to achieve a rugged yet sophisticated appearance.

Go for a Jacket with Matte Finish

While some people think that shiny bomber jackets look good, in actuality, they tend to appear cheaper than jackets with a matte finish – you’ll definitely want to avoid the former. A leather jacket with a matte finish is a much better choice because it is versatile, yet subdued in a manner that conveys high end design. Look for matte finish bomber jackets with buttons and zippers that are black in color since they tend to make a jacket look more authentic and won’t overshadow your entire outfit.

Wear White underneath Your Bomber Jacket

Wearing your bomber jacket with a simple white t-shirt underneath will give you that classic renegade look. Not only does it look great, it will keep you comfortable as winter transitions into spring. You can complement your jacket with dress pants or blue jeans; both will work with the white t-shirt setup. For the finishing touch, add a cool looking belt and you’re good to go. For footwear, more people are going for skater shoes to achieve a modernized and edgy appearance.

Wear Your Jacket as the Statement Piece

Regardless of what you wear with your bomber jacket, the most important rule to follow is to always make it the statement piece of your wardrobe. The shirt, sweater or pants you’re wearing underneath should never overpower it. Stay away from cargo pants and anything that is too bulky as it will draw attention away from your statement jacket. Instead, go for lower profile pants with a clean and crisp look. For footwear, you can wear anything from cowboy boots to dress shoes. A put together color combination might include brown shoes which are worn with a black jacket or vice versa.

Bomber Jackets Can Be Worn In the Office

For office wear, you’ll want to mix your bomber jacket with chinos that are dark in color. Avoid light khaki since it will clash with the jacket’s dark color. Bomber jackets also look great with shirts that are collared because during the day, you can achieve a casual business look before effortlessly transitioning into the club or bar scene after work.

If you follow our general guidelines, you should be able to wear your leather bomber jacket with style. However, do not be afraid to try out different looks with your jacket. If you like the combination you see in the mirror, by all means wear your outfit with confidence!