Why Leather Jackets Are So Popular Right Now

You really can't overstate the popularity of leather jackets. For countless women and men, they are the preferred choice of outerwear. Millions of people still love their leather jackets, even with the advent of so many new textile jackets and coats. What's the big deal? What is it that makes leather jackets so very popular? Let's face it, at your local retail apparel store, there are seemingly unlimited numbers of available fabric jackets and coats from which to choose. Yet, leather jackets remain one of the most popular pieces of outerwear ever made.

The popularity of leather jackets is based on a number of characteristics. Let's take a look at some of those.

Oh! That Leather Smell!

Nothing smells like leather. That fragrant aroma is intoxicating to many. Whether it’s a jacket, a pair of shoes, a belt, or the interior of a car, the smell of leather is unmistakable; not to mention desirable, where numerous individuals are concerned.

Easy Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, cleaning, etc., some effort is required by most any jacket you choose. That's even true for leather. However, compared to other coats and jackets, it's probably one of the easiest types to take care of. Some people choose to treat their leather jackets with saddle soap. That is one option. But even without that kind of treatment, as long as you immediately wipe them off, spills are usually no problem.

Feel free to condition your leather jacket every now and then, just to keep it nice and protect it against dryness. Every few months should be sufficient. Taylor’s Leatherwear offers tips on how to care for your leather jacket.

Color Availability

Yes, it's true, leather jackets come in something other than black! Brown, for example, is a very popular color when it comes to leather jackets. But you can also get wild and crazy with leather! Numerous manufacturers/designers carry vibrantly colored leather jackets in various styles.

Hypoallergenic Jackets

Some people have allergies that are so severe that when they wear traditional textile jackets and coats, they have an allergic reaction. These types of individuals who experience inflammation, redness, skin itching, and more, may well find relief by wearing a hypoallergenic leather jacket. That is, if it is not made from faux leather but, rather, genuine leather!

They Are so Very Versatile!

Anytime you wish, you can wear your leather jacket. Depending on the style you choose, you can even wear it for dressy occasions. So, any time of year, and to any event, your leather jacket could well be entirely appropriate. If you need a motorcycle jacket but also another leather jacket for formal events, you're in luck. There are numerous styles available.

Protect Yourself Against the Elements

A leather jacket is one of the best methods of protection against mother nature’s elements. Wind, rain, sleet, snow, and bugs have less of an impact if you're wearing a leather jacket that fits properly. Removable liners are available to help keep you warm in cold weather, but cooler when the weather turns warm. Additionally, vents are available in leather jackets to help cool your skin in hot environments.

They Improve with Age – Just like a Fine Wine

Your leather jacket will become more comfortable and softer as the fabric becomes broken in. The best way to do that is to wear your leather jacket whenever possible. Over time, you may also notice a slight fading. That doesn't mean, however, your jacket’s appearance will be significantly changed by it. Some people prefer that lighter tone. Saddle soap or some other leather conditioner can be used to help prevent fading, if you so choose.

Style Is Undeniably Classic

As a style, leather jackets are holding steady while, from year to year, other styles come and go. Also unlike other jackets and coats, for more than a century, leather jackets have been around and widely used. The longer they've been here, the more popular they've become. Their timeless, classic style means you never have to worry about wearing an outdated style, no matter how many years you wear your leather jacket.

Stay Hip and Trendy With a Jacket from Taylor's Leatherwear

Okay, maybe you couldn’t care less about what's popular where attire is concerned. Maybe being hip and trendy isn't all that important to you. Lots of people wear leather jackets for various reasons. Motorcyclists, of course, wear them for protection and "the look". But some people simply like leather jackets! It's that simple. It's no wonder, when you see all the available styles and types at Taylor's Leatherwear! We carry some of the most attractive leather jackets on the market.

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