Why Leather Jackets Crack And How You Can Prevent It

Aside from being crazy cool, what is the attraction of leather jackets? There are too many to list, truth be told. For starters, however, they are extremely attractive, soft and supple (when cared for properly), comfortable (again, when cared for the right way), and exceptionally durable. But, if the proper care just referred to is not given to a leather jacket, the problem of drying, cracking, and more can arise.

What can you do about dry and cracking leather jackets? Can it be avoided?

Cracking Leather

On the surface of leather, you will find thousands of small pores. You can't actually see them, but they are there. These pores are constantly absorbing or releasing moisture. The humidity level surrounding the jacket helps determine this.

Those pores shed moisture if your leather jacket is stored for an extended period of time in a dry environment. As this happens, the leather dries out. When leather dries out, it is more susceptible to cracking.

Once cracks appear, you can't fix them easily or quickly. A leather repair company may be able to professionally extend the life of your jacket, depending on the severity of the damage. Far better to prevent cracking at all costs.

Stopping Cracking Before It Starts

The best method of caring for your leather jacket is through conditioning. Some people prefer saddle soap while others grab any leather conditioning product that's on sale. How do you apply it? Easy! Until it disappears, you simply rub it into your jacket with a clean cloth. This is going to help keep the leather soft and supple, comfortable, smooth, and free of dryness and cracking.

In addition to the correct conditioning, the leather you initially purchase should be high-quality. The poorer the quality – and probably, the cheaper the product – the more you'll have to worry about drying and cracking. From a high-quality leather jacket, you should receive countless years of enjoyment. Remember, however, that conditioning is key!

Humidity Levels

Leather can eventually crack when humidity levels are below 60%. Once again, that's because the leather dries out.

If you're planning on storing your leather jacket away for an extended period of time, it's important you do so in an area that has a humidity level between 40% and 50%. If necessary, you may wish to set up a humidifier in the room where your leather jacket will be stored.

The Care Label

Manufacturer’s care labels are sewn into garments for a reason. Following the instructions on those labels gives you the best chance of enjoying your garment for as long as possible. This applies to leather jackets just like it applies to everything else. Never ignore the manufacturer's recommendations for leather garment care and cleaning.

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