Why Motor Officers Should Wear Leather Jackets

You probably picture someone in a leather jacket any time you think of a motorcyclist. It is not uncommon to see someone on a motorcycle wearing this type of jacket. That even applies to a leather jacket for motor officers. It gives them a stereotypical biker look, and it does give off a "cool" vibe. But there's far more to it than that, particularly where motorcycle cops are concerned. The leather keeps them safe. But how does it work?

Staying Warm

There is little doubt that warmth is provided by a leather jacket. When you're on a motorcycle, the wind whipping by and through you is even colder. A removable liner is always a good idea when it comes to leather jackets. Make sure a leather jacket fits properly for the best protection against the weather.

Note: For warmer weather, vents are present on many motorcycle jackets. Typically, they’re in the front and/or back. Some jackets have sleeves that are vented, as well.

Protection from the Elements

The external elements come into play when a motorcycle cop hits the road. In addition to being protected in case of an accident (see below), other elements must be protected against. It can be downright painful getting hit by bugs, rain, and wind. To protect against harmful elements, it's nice to have a layer of leather.

Protection During Falls

Naturally, no one wants to think about falling off a motorcycle. But it happens. In the case of a fall or an accident, one of the biggest roles played by a leather jacket is that of protection. Unlike other police who ride in cars, there's a lot of exposure for motorcycle cops! That means the risk of injury is increased. Imagine the shredding and tearing of skin involved if nothing but a T-shirt were worn by motorcycle cops and an accident occurred. Between the road and the skin of a rider, a layer of protection is offered by leather jackets.

A jacket like this can even help prevent bruises, burns, and cuts as well as severe abrasions. In a fall or accident, naturally, complete and total protection is not offered by a leather jacket. On the other hand, the severity of injuries is significantly reduced.

Staying Safe

Safety is the key when riding motorcycles. So they can protect others, and stay safe doing it, a crucial piece of safety equipment for motorcycle cops is their leather jacket. But more than aesthetics are added by biker boots and leather jackets. When riding a motorcycle, the risk of injuries is decreased exponentially by wearing the right kind of gear.

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