You Don’t Want To Miss Out On A Motorcycle Leather Jacket

The motorcycle leather jacket has become a prized possession for both bikers and non-bikers, and for good reason. Its stunning appearance, comfortable fit and functionality are second to none, and when you invest in the right one, you will reap numerous advantages aside from its style aesthetics.

Motorcycle Jackets Offer Protection from Injury

In ancient times, leather was commonly used in armor, right along with bronze, iron and steel. This is because leather is a dense and coarse material that can provide a degree of protection against impacts, cuts, punctures and sliding friction. When combined with a great helmet, elbow or knee pads and gloves, you’ll be well protected while riding your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Jackets Make You Feel and Look Tough

The motorcycle jacket is ideal for those who would like to achieve a masculine and rugged look. Both law enforcement officers as well as gang members have worn these jackets for decades because they convey a sense of dominance. Whether you’re a wannabe or the real deal, a motorcycle jacket is the perfect way to reinforce that tough appearance.

Motorcycle Jackets are Comfortable

Riding a motorcycle, especially for long distances, can be taxing. This is why motorcycle jackets are designed to be as comfortable as possible. They fit the body well while providing mobility, and the best designs have a heavy duty exterior with a softer lining inside.

Because motorcycle riders are directly exposed to weather and the elements, the jackets they wear must be weather proof. This means material that is resistant to rain, snow, and sleet, and the higher end jackets will often include fur lining to provide more warmth.

Motorcycle Jackets Allow You to Carry More Items

Motorcycles don’t come with large trunks, so storage space will always be limited. As such, a lot of riders prefer jackets that have multiple pockets since this feature allows them to store a variety of items while traveling. It isn’t uncommon for motorcycle jackets to have pockets for the sleeves, interior and exterior, and many will have zippers to ensure that your valuables do not slide out.

Types of Motorcycle Jackets

These jackets come in multiple styles, with the two most popular being leather and textile. The textile jackets are preferred by some because they offer outstanding functionality and are simple to work with, but others prefer leather due to its premium appearance and the fact that they are durable and long lasting.

Because some motorcycle style jackets come with armored padding, you may not want to wear them in casual settings, unless the padding is removable. Motorcycle jackets tend to be thicker than standard leather jackets because they are designed to keep the wearer warm while they are on their motorcycle and to provide protection in the event of an accident.

How to Choose a Great Motorcycle Jacket

A general rule of thumb to remember when shopping for a motorcycle jacket is to always choose one with the YKK zipper. YKK zippers are widely considered the best in the industry. You’ll also need to take your body measurements properly in order to select a jacket with the correct size and fit.

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