How To Measure

Before you start measuring, it is important to make sure you have these materials on hand. You will need a non-stretchable, cloth measuring tape to ensure there is as little discrepancy from your actual size as possible. You should also have a pen and paper to record down the measurements. If possible, you should have a friend or family member help you as some parts like the chest are difficult to accurately measure by yourself.

Measuring Your Shoulder

While measuring the width of your shoulders, stand in an upright position with a natural and relaxed pose. Next, stretch the measuring tape across the back area of the shoulders, from one end of the shoulder to the other.

This aspect of the measurement is important especially with a jacket, as you will want it to lie neatly across your shoulders, without any signs of bunching or sagging over the upper parts of your arm.

Measuring Your Sleeve Length

To measure the length of the sleeve, place your hand over your hip so it is in a bent position at an approximate 90-degree angle. Start measuring from the collarbone at the base of the neck and run it along the shoulder to the end of the wrists. This will be the length of your jacket sleeves.

It is important to get this measurement right as if they are too short or long, they could make the whole jacket appear too large or small for you.

Measuring Your Biceps

When measuring the biceps, ensure that you are measuring its circumference at the fullest part of the arm just under the armpit. Your arms should be hanging by your side and in a relaxed position. Remember not to flex as this will distort the accuracy of the measurement.

Wrap the measuring tape from one point to another and ensure the tape fully covers around the biceps. To ensure it isn’t too tight, gently slide a finger under it or round up to the measurement to the nearest half-inch.

Measuring Your Chest

Before measuring your chest, make sure to remove any thick clothing like sweaters and pullovers as this will affect the accuracy of the measurements. You will have to measure it as close to your body as possible for a better fit.

First, raise both arms up and wrap the tape under the armpits. Then, lower both arms till the tape is wrapped around the widest part of your bust. For women, the tape should be wrapped around the bust or the fullest area of the chest.

For a looser-fitting jacket, factor an additional one inch into the chest measurement.

Measuring Your Natural Waist

To measure the natural waist, bend to one side and mark the natural crease of the waist. This will usually be higher than the belly button area and under the ribcage. While keeping the position of the measuring tape horizontal, measure the circumference of your torse around where the crease is created.

This is important to ensuring your jacket fits well as it should be able to button nicely over your natural waist area without feeling any tightness or strain.

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