New Products

Taylor's Leatherwear has an extensive catalog of high-quality leather jackets in military, police, and aviation styles. Our clientele not only focuses on the commercial industries, but we also cater to individuals. Each of the jackets in our collection is cut and sewn individually by hand to ensure the finest quality is delivered to each customer. Our products all come with a 5-year warranty and lifetime service to provide the highest value in each purchase.

New Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are traditionally a waist-length outerwear that comes with a ribbed, gathered waistband and a set of matching cuffs. The jacket has a zippered front and offers four pockets that are fully functional at the sides and top. Bomber jackets have evolved in terms of the overall outlook. They can either have a plain shirt collar or a flat round collar that matches the waistband. Bomber jackets are versatile and suitable for any gender and age. They are internationally recognized and are popular for a casual outerwear that looks classy.

New Motorcycle Style Jackets

There are generally two different types of motorcycle style jackets. The popular type is leather motorcycle style jackets that are modern and stylish.

  • Cruiser jackets: These are comfortable, reliable, and protective jackets which are ideal for motorcyclists to withstand external elements while riding.
  • Street jackets: These are much more relaxed and come with removable liners and venting. Some are also equipped with an armored protective layer.
  • Racing jackets: These are much thicker and are often made of cowhide leather. They offer good protection against abrasions and can safeguard the body against impact. Most racing jackets can be connected with pants to avoid them from being raised up.

New Vintage Police Style Jackets

Police style jackets for duty wear are worn by law enforcement. They often feature waterproof layers and can be either insulated or non-insulated. Every police style jacket also offers extensive armor that can protect the wearer from impact like stabs. Police style jackets worn by civilians do not have any badges or IDs but still come with the same protective layer. Police style jackets allow the wearer to work comfortably and effectively while being protected from external elements.

New Women's Jackets

There are several types of women’s leather jackets which can cater to any style. They are similar to men’s leather jackets but with a leaner cut for that feminine edge.

  • Leather moto jackets: These jackets are sleek and take on the classic motorcycle style jacket. They are made of soft and smooth leather for optimum comfort. Leather moto jackets are worn not as a protective outerwear and come with front zippers, zippered pockets and a stand-up collar.
  • Leather bomber jackets: These have a more relaxed fit for the adventurous wearers. They are a vintage icon which used to be popular amongst American pilots to keep warm. Today, bomber jackets come in a series of styles with shoulder epaulets, a shearling collar, and adjustable buckles.
  • Reversible leather jackets: These jackets offer double the possibilities with plenty of styles and colors.

Taylor’s Leatherwear will be updating our collections frequently, so check back this space for new products!