Taylor’s Leatherwear is a family-owned and operated business that specializes in supplying high-grade leather jackets for the military, police, and aviation industries. We produce quality jackets for retail stores, government agencies, and individuals through our years of industry expertise. Each leather jacket is cut and sewn by hand, using the finest leather to offer the highest quality and comfort.

Custom Police Jackets

We have been working with countless police agencies across many cities, counties and states and we understand each region has its own special requirements. We perform customization to cater to the varying needs of each police agency. We can sew in additional protective layers to provide the kind of armor that each police agency requires for their law enforcement officers. Each police agency can also request for buttons, pockets, and other style elements that provide versatility and convenience to the wearer.

Leather Jacket Care and Services

Leather jackets need special cleaning techniques to keep them in an optimum condition for a much longer period of time. Using the wrong type of detergent or the wrong temperature of water can cause premature wear and tear. Taylor’s Leatherwear offers professional leather jacket care and services which include repairs, cleaning, alterations, and replacement parts throughout the entire life of the jackets that are bought from our collection. Repairs that are due to accident or regular wear and tear will be fixed, cleaned and refinished to the original condition at our standard charges.

Private Label Jackets

Taylor’s Leatherwear offers a fully custom-made jacket program for those looking to outfit their organizations in branded uniform jackets. You can pick your own features, style, and type of leather. We are also able to dye the selected leather to match your own needs and preferences. A sample jacket will be required for us to assess the design before a leather of choice is selected. We will produce a sample which you can evaluate and provide the necessary feedback which we will work on and modify accordingly.

Size & Fit

Custom-made jackets are produced according to the exact size and fit that you require. We will ask for your measurements which we will follow closely for all required sizes. You can choose to have tailored sizes or select from our size charts of general sizes. A minimum order of 300 pieces is required for custom-made jackets. Re-orders can be made with a smaller quantity.

How to Measure

Knowing your body measurements is important to ensure you can get a good fit of your leather jacket. Here are the different parts of your body that you can measure before selecting the right size.

  • Chest – Measure around the fullest part of the bust or chest without puffing up your chest.
  • Waist – Measure around the widest part of the stomach.
  • Biceps – Flex your biceps and measure the widest part.
  • Shoulder – Measure from the edge of one shoulder to the other.
  • Length – Measure from the upper end of the shoulder to the length that you prefer.
  • Sleeves – Measure from the edge of your shoulder across the length of your arm that you prefer.

Flight Jacket History

Flight jackets were first produced to provide lightweight work wear for military personnel. They were then gradually improved to include various style modifications that still remain in today’s fashion industry. Today, they qualify as a casual outerwear for people with different fashion sense.