Size & Fit

Have you ever thought that your favorite, go-to jacket might be in the wrong fit? A key rule to ensuring that your jacket looks good on you regardless of its style is doing the necessary measurements and making sure it fits you perfectly in all the right parts without any feelings of constriction.

Bomber Styles

Donned by pilots during the World War, bomber jackets usually come in tan materials and fur or shearling collars. The collars usually wrap around the neck and the waistbands and cuffs are usually tightly elasticated. They are effortless, easy to dress up and can be paired with any outfits.

One tip to look out for when purchasing bomber jackets is to ensure it rests loosely around your waist and hip unless you have decided on a cropped style. The cuffs should be relatively tight and should never go past your wrist area, if they hang loosely over your hand, you should opt for a smaller size. The collar of the jacket should rest comfortably around the neck and not be too tight or loose.

Motorcycle Styles

Made to protect riders from the elements, great motorcycle jackets can last through different seasons and are perfect for different occasions. They shot to fame during the 1950s when they were donned by Hollywood starlets like James Dean and Elvis Presley.

Some tips you should look out for is that the jacket should fit closely to body without any bunching in the shoulders and waist. The chest and the waist should be tight enough but should not tug when you move your arms around. It should accommodate movements and allow for mobility in your limbs.

Vintage Police Styles

A tried and true styled, this classic garment has remained relevant in men’s fashion for a long time. Worn by police officers back in the 1980s, these vintage pieces have been repurposed in today’s fashion trends with the re-emergence of retro styles.

One common mistake many commit when purchasing vintage jackets is getting one that is too big in size. A vintage leather jacket should be well-fitting and complement the shape of your body well without overwhelming it. Your leather jacket should never be too tight and shouldn’t show any signs of wrinkles and bunching and the sleeves should end where the wrists bend.

Women’s Jackets

The leather jacket is a versatile piece that every woman should have in their wardrobe. It can take any outfit like a tank top or dress up a notch without having it feel too casual or dressy.

For a fashionable fit, the cut of the jacket should be slimmer and complement the silhouette of the body without it being too snug or tightly fitted. The length can vary from your waistline for a trendy, cropped look to a little beyond the hips for a classier, elongated look. As with any jacket, the shoulder seams should align exactly with your shoulders and the sleeves should also align with the point where the wrists bend.

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