Leather Jackets: Zip It Up Or Leave It Unzipped?

Leather jackets add a touch of distinction to any outfit, but they can be tricky to wear appropriately if you're new to the look. A leather jacket has two zippers, one on each side, usually with some design or text on them. Some people choose to zip both zippers up all the way, while others prefer to leave one or both zippers about halfway down. Which method should you go with? Choose the unzipped leather jacket style, and you'll be more comfortable, here’s why.

Allows for Outfit Customization

One of the benefits of leaving your leather jacket unzipped is that you can easily customize an outfit based on how much zip you want to show off. So, for example, if you leave your jacket zipped up all day long, people will see your classic leather jacket from a distance and start making assumptions about what they think you do for a living or who they think you are as a person. However, when you leave your jacket open, you expose the clothes underneath, which might completely change that first impression by giving off a more relaxed vibe. In other words, you don't want your leather jacket style choices to convey an unwelcomed impression of who you are as a person.

Temperature-Adaptable Comfort

When wearing a leather jacket, you don't want to feel hot, nor do you want to be cold either. Not zipping up your jacket allows for airflow and helps regulate your body temperature in a comfortable and consistent manner, so there's no need to quickly unzip and cool off when you get too warm, or zip up if it gets chilly.

Promotes Freedom of Movement

Since all your limbs are not constricted while wearing an unzipped leather jacket, you can move around freely without having feelings of discomfort. For those who like biking, skydiving, or other activities that require lots of movement and flexibility during their leisure time, an unzipped leather jacket allows them all that freedom as well as comfort for long periods.

It Can Make an Outfit Feel Different

Leaving your leather jacket open reveals a different, and generally more fashionable, side of yourself, not to mention that wearing your jacket open can completely change how people view you. They'll think cool cat instead of miscreant in a leather jacket. An opened leather jacket indicates that you're probably relaxed and easy-going, and if you wear it with confidence, it will attract people rather than repel them. We all have our moments when we feel really great about ourselves, and being one with your cool side while wearing unzipped leather gives off just such an impression. If you ever wanted to know what cool feels like, unzip and enjoy!

Adapts Outfits to Any Situation

A good leather jacket is an excellent addition to just about any outfit, from a pair of khakis and a button-down to dark denim and a t-shirt. If you have a nice leather jacket, wear it often! Wearing your jacket over more casual outfits creates some contrast, making otherwise more conservative outfits look modern.